1. How far is The Rose Cottage Reception Center from the Manti LDS Temple?
    We are located approximately 6 blocks from the Manti Temple and have a beautiful view of it from out of our north windows.

  2. Do you offer a breakfast menu?
    We have occasionally offered a different menu, which requires an additional charge. We do our best to please you. Please contact us in advance to allow us to meet your needs.

  3. Do you offer a 'children's menu' or a reduced price for children?
    At present, we do not offer a different menu or a reduced price for children, however, if there are several children in the party, we will consider adjusting the amount normally charged.

  4. Is there a piano?
    No, sorry there is not a piano available.

  5. Is it best to change from our wedding clothes before arriving at The Rose Cottage?
    This is totally your personal choice. Many of our brides and grooms will change before leaving the temple simply because they want to be more comfortable, but we have just as many who prefer to stay in their wedding clothes throughout the day's festivities.

    A great expense goes into the clothing and some feel the desire to wear them as long as they can, while others don't feel comfortable eating in them. We have a beautiful Bride's Dressing Room here at The Rose Cottage where she can change at her leisure, if she so chooses to arrive in her wedding dress.


"The time spent at The Rose Cottage was certainly one of the highlights of the day! You have a beautiful talent and ability to add that special touch, not just with the food, which was delicious, but the atmosphere and beauty of your home, and making all of our family and guests feel special and important.

Nothing could have been more perfect. We only wish we would have known sooner about the Honeymoon Cottage. Our son and his new wife would have loved to have stayed there, but are planning on coming back for their one year anniversary!

Thank you, thank you, for everything!"
- The McAllister's
Orem, Utah

How far are you from the Manti Temple?

Is breakfast available?

What about a Children's Menu?

Is a piano available for use?

Should wedding attire be worn to The Rose Cottage?


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